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W beam metal crash barriers made from the best grade of materials as per international quality standards. Call us on +91-94484-65559 or email us at contact@terrexoinfra.com.

Apart from our highly efficient tri-beam metal crash barriers, we are also known for our sophisticated W-beam metal crash barriers. This variant of metal crash barriers prevents occupants of cars avert a mishap while driving, particularly at night. Made of stainless steel, these crash barriers are so called because they resemble a W-shape with their wavy appearance.

Our W-beam metal crash barriers find applications in highways to minimize the severity of vehicles skidding off the roads. In such cases, these crash barriers are life-savers for drivers and their co-occupants.

Why W-beam metal crash barriers

Crash barriers are especially engineered devices that work to save the lives of people who may needlessly die on highways or bridges due to their cars skidding off the roads. With this objective in mind, they serve the public in these ways too,

  • They prevent wayward vehicles from dashing into fixed objects like buildings, lamp posts or ditches.
  • They redirect errant vehicles back into the traffic.
  • They thwart cross median accidents.
  • They avert unruly vehicles that drive down a non-driveable area.
  • They save people from rebellious car drivers hurting pedestrians.


  • Extremely strong—they are made of 10 gauge or 12 gauge steel and are coated with rust-resistant zinc
  • Impact-proof
  • Robust construction


Our W-beam metal crash barriers are made from the best grade of raw materials as per national and international quality standards and demands. There are several needs for crash barriers in our daily lives, but not many people understand or recognize it. Here are some of the most important of them:

  • Highways and roads: For instance, they are installed at highways, interstates and secondary roads, to safeguard the lives of people from natural calamities and on-road hazards that cannot be removed. These include ditches, trees, signboards, utility poles, etc.
  • Bridges: W-beam metal crash barriers are usually installed across and at the end of bridges to act as a safeguard to people from the bridge and the river, railroad track or road below it.
  • Parking lots: These crash barriers provide people with protection in parking lots against ditches, light poles or buildings. And, in those places where fences have not given adequate protection, these barriers provide the necessary security to people.

To know about our products and services in greater detail, please call us on +91-94484-65559 or email us at contact@terrexoinfra.com.

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