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Apart from all the businesses that we have made a success of, we have also forayed into the construction industry with manufacturing piles for construction.

So, what is a pile? A pile foundation is a long cylinder made of robust material such as concrete. Piling contractors push these piles deep into the earth so that they are steady supports for the structure that will be constructed on it. A foundation is said to be ‘piled’ when its depth exceeds its breadth by three times.

As a piling company, we have made our presence felt in two areas of piling, Tripod and Rotary.

Tripod Piling

This is a conventional method of forming piles, by using a tripod rig to set up piles. It comes with several advantages for which reason it continues to be a popularly used method of piling even today. Tripod piling is both easy and inexpensive. For this reason, it is perfect for projects that use fewer piles.

Advantages of Tripod Piling

One overriding advantage of this three-legged piling method is that it is just right for huge depths in water. The added advantage is that it needs very little preparation at the site before installation is done.

Applications of Tripod piling

  • Areas of small headroom.
  • Where access is difficult.
  • Highway or railway operations nearby to live lanes or lines.
  • Small projects or single piles.
  • Areas where water wells are demarcated.

Rotary Piling

Rotary bored piling (RBP) uses a machine with specially designed drilling tools, buckets and grabs to remove soil and rock. With every four or five turns of flight, the auger is bored into the ground, withdrawn, and the spoil removed until the design depth is reached.

Advantages of Rotary Piling

Rotary piling is the ideal choice of boring through hard material such as boulders. On small sites, rotary piling works well with small site setups. In case of pile foundation construction projects such as retaining wall and basements, this method offers tight tolerances on vertical piles if used with segmental casing.

Applications of Rotary Piling

  • Bearing piles.
  • Large diameter piles.
  • Piles founded into rock or bored through tough boulders.
  • Piling adjacent to roads and railways.
  • Installing permanent casings.
  • King post piling.

The construction industry the world over has made giant strides. To match their pace, we strive to supply innovatively designed equipment that can produce great results. Our impressive client roster bears us out here and we work hard to satisfy them in all our dealings.

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