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Interested in our crash barriers?

Thrie-beam metal crash barriers designed to minimize damage to vehicles and its occupiers. Call us on +91-94484-65559 or email us at

Crash barriers, as the name suggests are road safety measures to protect vehicles and its drivers from needless accidents. Also known as guard rails, they are good visual guides for drivers, particularly at night. With reckless drivers recognizing only the need for speed while on the roads, we felt the need to enter this space and supply crash barriers.

Our crash barriers are known as thrie beam metal crash barriers or even guard rails. They allows for much better anti-collision performance, which is commonly experienced in accidents on bridges and other such dangerous roads.

How crash barriers help

Crash barriers absorb the impact energy of the vehicle on the road, thus reducing its risk and damage to itself and its occupants. It also prevents vehicles from sliding or rolling down walls and losing control on carriageways. Typically, our thrie beam metal crash barriers find applications in roads, bridges, highways and flyovers.

Features of our thrie-beam metal crash barriers:

We ensure that our products are of world class quality. Here are the features of our crash barriers:

  • The systems result in minimal damage to the vehicle and its occupiers.
  • During an unfortunate collision, our thrie-beams absorb the most amount of energy by flattening out across and preventing the vehicle from toppling over.
  • We use ultra-modern technology to design our crash barriers to be able to prevent vehicles from rolling back or skidding onto the carriageway.

Why should you choose our thrie-beam metal crash barriers

  • They are cost-effective and can be set up easily.
  • You can depend on us for end-to-end solutions – from supply to commissioning.
  • We can customize your requirements.
  • Our components are entirely hot dip galvanized to ensure a long life.

We may be a very young company, but we’re sure you’ll be impressed by our body of work and our zest and vitality to do more. To know more about us, call us on +91-94484-65559 or email us at

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